Smooth 4 Q 3-Axis Handheld Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer for iPhone XS XR X 8Plus 8 7P 7 Samsung S9 S8 S7 and Action Camera

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  • Type: handheld gimbal;
  • Communication: Bluetooth;
  • Axes: 3-Axis;
  • Configured for: action photo cameras, Smartphones;
  • Tilting Angle: 240;
  • Rolling Angle: 240;
  • Panning Angle: 300;
  • Model Number: Smooth 4 / Smooth Q;
  • Weight (g): 547;
  • Package: Yes;
  • Feature: Following the shooting mode;
  • Max Controllable Speed: other;
  • Supported Mobile Device Max Size: 6 inches/Width 58-85mm, for iPhone, GoPro;
  • Charging for Mobile Device: Yes;
  • Camera Integration: No;
  • App Setting: Yes;
  • Vertical Shooting: Yes;
  • Support Remote Control: No;
  • Size: 123*105*328mm;
  • Material: Aluminum alloy and plastics;



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Smooth 4 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Portable Stabilizer Camera Mount for iPhone Smartphone Action Camera


Zhiyun Smooth-4 Smartphone Stabilizer has been designed to provide cine-style functions to content creators using their mobile phones for video capture.
Free downloadable ZY Play app enables Android and iOS users to control both gimbal and smartphone camera functions such as focus, zoom, time-lapse,
and still photo settings. A dedicated “Vertigo” function emulates the perspective-shifting, dolly/zoom effect dear to many filmmakers. It is more ergonomically
laid out and better labeled with icons compared with Zhiyun Smooth-3. There is a significantly larger focus/zoom wheel for PhoneGo mode to quickly grab
the action with smooth transmission. The functions of multiple time-lapse and object tracking also bring you more shot inspiration. It supports smartphone
weighing up to 7.4 oz and measuring up to 3.35″ high, offers 300-degree pan, 240-degree roll and 240-degree tilt for nimbly capturing action shots or smoothly
gliding along with more tranquil scenes. Zhiyun Smooth 4 is powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, featuring a runtime up to 12 hours. A USB Type-C port
on the handgrip enables you to add a separately available power pack to extend your shooting time. An LED display indicates power statues. Included mini
tripod and designed 1/4″-20 female thread on the handgrip bottom can bring you better-using experience by compatible accessories.
1. Supports smartphones weighing up to 7.4 oz / 210g, and up to 3.35″ in height
2. 360° of the pan, 240° of tilt, and 240° of roll; Large, cine-style focus/zoom wheel with a witness mark
3. Dolly Zoom Vertigo effect, Quick-response PhoneGo modes, Multiple time-lapse and follow-mode choices;
4. Up to 12-hour runtime, able to charge for the phone while shooting, support an external power pack
5. Use with the free, downloadable ZY Play app to control select iOS/Android phone functions
Number of Axes: 3-Axis
Rotation Range: Pan, 300 degrees; Tilt, 240 degrees; Roll, 240 degrees
Payload: 2.65 to 7.41 oz / 75 to 210g
Smartphone Dimensions: Height 65 to 82 mm
Ports: USB type-C
Battery: Lithium-ion Battery with the capacity of 2000mAh, 5.0V
Runtime: 12 hours
Charging time: 3.5 hours
Operating Voltage: 7.4V
Operating Temperature: 14 to 113 F / -10 to 45 degrees
Mounting: 1/4″-20 Female Thread
Dimensions: 12.91*4.84*4.13″ / 328*123*105mm (with handlebar)
Weight: 19.29 oz / 547 g (with handlebar and battery)


Ulanzi PT-6 GoPro Mobile phone stabilizer microphone adaptor plate


1. After setting up the Ulanzi PT-6, GoPro can be used on mobile phone stabilizers.

2. GoPro mic adapter can be set up. Patent design, piracy must be investigated.

3. Quick balancing without counterweight.

4. Aluminum alloy Material, 85.5g Net weight.


Net weight: 85.5g

Material: Aluminum alloy




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ZY Play




Zhiyun SMOOTH-Q Handheld 3-Axis Gimbal Portable Stabilizer for Smartphone Wireless Control

Zhiyun Smooth Q is a compact professional smart gimbal for phones. It is designed with a new operating system to ensure it easy to perform accurate and quick in different positions between different operation modes so that you are free from controlling it. Zhiyun Smooth Q is also a great product which can bring your creativity with functional buttons on photography
and film such as Photo/Record, Zoom in/out and get rear camera/Selfie mode transferred; creativity also comes from expendable updated APP (APP-ZY PLAY), with which you can make auto-tracking, time-lapse and filter changing be possible. A maximum payload of 200g supports you to attach diversity lens with different focal length, kinds of fill light and many other photos/film cool gears anytime anywhere. Besides, it features colorful make-up with jet black, gold, rose gold and space grey options. Working duration is as long as 8 hours and available for you to have a real-time Mobile Charging. It is really valuable at its price.



Smooth Q

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